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Smiths' Trees ... a cut above the rest


According to a recent Gallop pole, the most frequent excuse people gave for not having a real Christmas tree was that they felt that it would be bad for the environment.

Deer, wild turkeys, and numerous other birds and animals specifically choose our tree plantation as the ideal place to raise their young. They leave the Short Hills Provincial Park to come here to have their young, because there is much more food and shelter than in the park.

When forest trees are allowed to mature, the heavy shade they cast kills off the smaller plants under them leaving little suitable “cover” for the wildlife to hide and feed.

In our farm, the trees are thick to the ground, giving unlimited places for a worried mother to hide her precious young. The grassed areas between the rows give good escape routes and also provide an excellent source of food.



If you are concerned about the environment I suggest that you visit: www.niagaralandtrust.com 

Niagara Region Christmas Tree Farm
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