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The following may signal that a lupus flare is beginning:

Persistent fatigue out of proportion with what you would usually expect

Persistent weakness

Aching all over

Fever, which may be slight to high

Persistent loss of appetite

Involuntary weight loss

Increasing hair loss

Recurring nose bleeds

Sore on the roof of the mouth, which burns with consumption of spicy foods


Sores on the skin

Unexplained skin rash anywhere on the body

Painful joint(s)

Stiffness of the joints when waking up in the morning

Chest pain which increases with breathing

Swollen joint(s)

Shortness of breath

Persistent unusual headache

Coughing up blood

Nausea or vomiting

Recurring or persistent abdominal pain

Puffy eyelids

Persistent, increasing swelling of the feet and legs

Blood in the urine

Lupus is often a self-repetitive disease:  Watch for a recurrence of the symptoms that you experienced when your disease started.

(A selection from the Lupus Foundation of America Newsletter Article Library)

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Page last updated: October 07, 2010